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.375 Match Solid Flash Tip 338gr Bullet

.375 Match Solid Flash Tip 338gr Bullet

SKU : 16375338SP

$ 46.00

  • Caliber: 0.375

  • Bullet Weight (gr): 338

  • Length (in): 1.905

  • BC (G1): 0.927

  • Minimum Twist Rate: 1:11

  • Velocity (fps): 1,500-4,200

  • Titanium Tip:  1 mile naked eye visible impact on hard surfaces

  • Will not damage AR500 Plate when impacted at equal to or greater than 500 yards.  
  • Lead Free  

Use only in Fire Safe Areas

Flash Tip VideoPosted on 12 Oct 14:07

Match Solid

Our Match Solid Technology utilizes unique processes to deliver the highest levels of repeatability. While traditional jacketed bullets are produced on multi-stage stamping machines consisting of dies, with each stage and die combination producing a slightly different bullet, we machine our bullets on state-of-the-art CNC machines to produce incredibly precise tolerances and eliminate manufacturing variations.


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