.300 AAC Blackout / Whisper Bullet Sample Pack

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    The 300 Game Changer Package includes the following:
    • 50 of our 194gr Maximum Expansion Subsonic Bullets.  We designed this bullet using our award winning Maximum Expansion Technology.  This bullet offers the only expanding monolithic Subsonic Bullet in the world providing devastating silent performance.
    • 100 of our 115gr High Velocity Controlled Chaos Copper Bullets.  We designed this bullet using our Controlled Chaos Technology.   If you need to unleash the beast of the 300 AAC Blackout, then you need to put a few rounds of our 115gr CC bullets through the chamber.   
    • 50 of our 78gr CQB Bullets.  The CQ is a lightweight, hyper velocity design using an aluminum core and pre-stressed jacket. The aluminum core initiates the expansion slightly after contact, pressing back into the pre-stressed jacket and activating a violent, incapacitating energy transfer. Ideal for Hunting or Personal Defense.
    • 100 of our Lehigh Defense 300 AAC Blackout / Whisper brass cartridge cases.
    • Load Data for all three bullets

    We are offering our 300 AAC Blackout / Whisper enthusiasts our 300 Game Changer Bullet Sample Package for $155.88.

    Not recommened for use in factory Remington 700 rifles chambered in 300 Blk.

     All of the Lehigh subsonic 300 Blackout/Whisper ammo and .308 subsonic bullets are designed to be stable in 1:8 twist barrels.  Many of our customers also use the 170gr Controlled Fracturing bullet successfully in guns with 1:10 twist barrels.  We have had several customers with stability problems with our subsonic bullets and ammo in Remington 700’s chambered in 300 Blackout.  We do not know if this is due to the land/groove ratio, grove depth, barrel surface quality, bore diameter, groove geometry, twist lead error, etc.  We are completely focused on providing products with optimum terminal performance and until we understand the issue with this gun platform we are notifying customers of the potential problem.  



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    Controlled Chaos

    The development of this technology was the result of an animal control agency's request for a no lead .243 bullet that would provide extensive wound trauma with little minimal pass through energy. Basically the idea was to burst the bullet into numerous particles at a predetermined depth creating many wounds and a large temporary cavity with shot placement at or near the central nervous system. The agency had tried copper matrix frangible rounds and found the penetration depth and particle size were less than what was require for proper terminal performance.

    • Many wound channels resulting in extensive damage
    • CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged
    • Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process
    • A separate base for penetration along the original trajectory
    • No lead designs for agencies requiring green projectiles
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