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300 AAC Blackout / Whisper 194gr Subsonic Maximum Expansion Ammunition

300 AAC Blackout / Whisper 194gr Subsonic Maximum Expansion Ammunition

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$ 39.80

  • Cartridge: 300 Blackout / Whisper* (Patent Pending)
  • Minimum Twist Rate: 1:8
  • Bullet Weight (gr): 194
  • Box Qty: 20
  • Velocity (fps): 1,000
  • OAL (in): 2.180
  • Penetration Min (in) Base: 16
  • Penetration Min (in) Petals: (NA)
  • Expansion Min (in) Petals Radial / Dia.: 1.2
  • We recommend this subsonic ammunition over other Lehigh ammunition for SBR and AR Pistol applications

Patent Pending / Maximum Expansion is a Register Trademark of Lehigh Defense, LLC.

 • Suppressor Safe — The projectile is machined from solid bar stock.  Expansion only occurs upon impact through hydraulic energy.  (They only expand when they hit “wet.”)  This is not a frangible bullet produced from powdered metal. 

Not recommened for use in factory Remington 700 rifles chambered in 300 Blk.

Not recommended for use in factory Remington 700 rifles chambered in 300 Blackout due to a number of factory guns sold with barrels marked as 1:7 twist that are actually 1:10 twist.

Full-auto compatible

Suggested choice for short-barreled rifles

*Whisper is a trademark of SSK Industries

Feeds reliably in standard capacity (30 round) magazines to include but not limited to: 

  • Magpul Pmag
  • Troy Industries BattleMag
  • Lancer L5 AWM
  • Brownells Magazine
  • Okay Industries/Standard GI Magazine
  • H&K Magazine

Maximum Expansion

Our Maximum Expansion® Technology is used to produce projectiles that create the largest wound channels of any bullet you can buy. These cavernous hollow points are designed to expand upon contact with a fluid-based medium through hydraulic energy. They do not expand on dry mediums like wood, drywall, bone, or sheet metal. The expansion process of Lehigh's Maximum Expansion technology is very different than that of a traditional lead jacketed bullet that expands when it comes in contact with a hard surface – we designed these bullets to expand where the expansion is needed and that is in the vital zone of your intended target.

  • Unequaled expansion providing outstanding terminal performance

  • Largest expanding bullet in the industry while offering excellent penetration

  • Exceptional accuracy due to state-of-art manufacturing process

  • Machined solid copper bullets not swaged/formed

  • Razor sharp petals for maximum terminal performance