.264 Match Solid Flash Tip 105gr Bullet

  • 50 / Box
  • $ 29.00

  • Load Data:

    Description- SKU 16264105SP

    • Caliber: 0.264

    • Bullet Weight (gr): 105

    • Length (in): 1.232

    • BC (G1): 0.449

    • Minimum Twist Rate: 1:8

    • Velocity (fps): 1,500-4,200

    • Titanium Tip:  1 mile naked eye visible impact on hard surfaces

    • Will not damage AR500 Plate when impacted at equal to or greater than 500 yards.  

    • Lead Free

    Use only in Fire Safe Areas

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    Flash Tip

    When the US military requested we design the most advanced capability armor piercing projectile ever created, we put all our efforts in giving the American Warfighters the highest technology possible. This proprietary design included a titanium tip for determining point of impact without revealing the shooter's position like traditional tracer technology would. We are excited to announce this technology is now available to consumers.

    We have incorporated this Flash Tip technology with our Match Solid precision product line to give the long-range target shooter daylight-visible impacts at distances up to one mile. Hard surfaces of mudwalls, stone, steel, etc. are sufficient to generate the resulting flash. Each projectile is can be magazine-fed and was designed with a very high ballistic coefficient for superior accuracy at long distances. The bullet tip uses low-tensile titanium that will not damage AR400 and higher plates.

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