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.204 High Velocity Controlled Chaos 28gr Bullet

.204 High Velocity Controlled Chaos 28gr Bullet

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Brass jacket, air core projectile designed to progressively fragment for sporting use in rifles.

  • Caliber: 0.204
  • Bullet Weight (gr): 28
  • Length (in): 0.580
  • BC (G1): 0.162
  • Minimum Twist Rate: 1:12
  • Velocity (fps): 2,000-4,200
  • Box Qty: 100/250

• Suppressor Safe — The projectile is machined from solid bar stock.  Expansion only occurs upon impact through hydraulic energy.  (They only expand when they hit “wet.”)  This is not a frangible bullet produced from powdered metal.



Load Data

Controlled Chaos Load Data - Controlled Chaos rifle bullets develop very similar chamber pressures to equivalent weight lead jacketed bullets.  

For starting load data, please refer to the powder manufacturer's starting load for an equivalent weight lead jacketed bullet.

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Controlled Chaos

The development of this technology was the result of an animal control agency's request for a no lead .243 bullet that would provide extensive wound trauma with little minimal pass through energy. Basically the idea was to burst the bullet into numerous particles at a predetermined depth creating many wounds and a large temporary cavity with shot placement at or near the central nervous system. The agency had tried copper matrix frangible rounds and found the penetration depth and particle size were less than what was require for proper terminal performance.

  • Many wound channels resulting in extensive damage
  • CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged
  • Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process
  • A separate base for penetration along the original trajectory
  • No lead designs for agencies requiring green projectiles

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