Subsonic Bullets and Ammunition

200ME Subsonic Ammunition

Lehigh Defense's focus has been the development of subsonic hunting ammunition using Controlled Fracturing and Maximum Expansion technologies.  Through ten years of research and development, we have created the only reliably expanding subsonic bullets available. The technology is groundbreaking, the terminal performance, breathtaking.

How Our Controlled Fracturing Technology Improves Subsonic Ammunition

Our Subsonic Controlled Fracturing bullets quietly exit the barrel of your firearm, enter your target and then via hydraulic pressure, fracture into razor sharp petals and a base.  The petals radiate outward maximizing internal damage to surrounding organs and tissue while the base, now back to bore diameter, continues in a straight path penetrating deeply. Regardless of the application, these revolutionary projectiles are designed to deliver an effective strike with minimal noise and recoil.

How Our Maximum Expansion Technology Improves Subsonic Ammunition

Lehigh has completely redefined subsonic bullet performance. Our Subsonic Maximum Expansion bullets utilize a unique design where deformation is initiated only by hydraulic pressure from uncompressible, water based fluids and organs. This hydraulic energy is harnessed to provide astounding expansion and destruction.  Unlike traditional lead core bullets which deform upon contact with any harder substance, our subsonic bullets expand when and only where it is required. Whether used for hunting, personal defense, or military/police purposes, our subsonic bullets are guaranteed to deliver the most effective impact possible.

200Me Pair Fired


308 Lehigh Vs. Remington Premier Match