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No doubt about it, Wide Flat Nose lead projectiles have been proven in the field.  They fly well, hit hard, track straight, and penetrate deeply.  What is not to like?  Oh yeah, lead. 

The following is a Case Study from Lynne Peeples 1/30/2017.

The CDC has warned that there is no safe level of lead in the blood of children. And, as in animals, the effects of lead on people may range from subtle to severe. Exposure even under the current CDC reference level of 5 micrograms per deciliter, studies say, may leave a developing child a little slower to learn, a little shorter of attention, a little less successful on tests and at work, and a little more likely to engage in criminal activity.

At Lehigh Defense, we are uncompromising in protecting our employees, children, customers, and environment.  We have the desire and technology to create innovative projectiles without the use of lead cores.  Our solid copper WFN line has terminal performance exceeding that of any lead WFN.  Lehigh’s WFN line has a tensile strength of over 15 times greater than lead WFN’s which leads to extremely low projectile deformation allowing significantly improved performance.

Folks, we do not need lead in our sport.

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