“Lehigh 9mm HERO: Low Recoil, High Power Ammo” at Inside Track Posted on 31 Dec 15:26

Inside Track wrote a great review on our 9mm hero ammo in a recent post.  First, they list several important factors that people should consider when selecting a load for a defensive handgun, including:  

1. It should feed reliably.

2. It should deliver high energy.

3. It should show consistent expansion over a wide velocity range.

4. It should be controllable for rapid follow-up shots.

Then, they expand on how the 9mm Hero ammo delivers on each.  The accompanying demonstration video shows the Hero being fired 8 times in succession in 1.8 seconds, ending with a tagline that calls Lehigh’s Heroes “Consistent, Accurate and Easy to Control”. 

Check it out over at Inside Track (http://getinsidetrack.com/archive/tactical/articletype/articleview/articleid/14767/lehigh-9mm-hero-low-recoil-high-power-ammo).