“Lehigh Defense Ammo Review” at Ballistics101.com Posted on 31 Dec 15:26

The guys at Ballistics101.com discovered our 45ACP hollow points at the ShotShow and decided to try some out.  The article that resulted shares what they’ve found, and points out something we’ve been trying to say for years:  “...there are differences in the performance and quality of ammunition...Lehigh has created a new standard to which all ammo will now be compared.” 

Overall, they are very thorough and do a great job of getting into specifics of their testing of both our 45ACP and our 9mm Heroes.  If you’re interested in personal defense, you’ll want to read the last paragraph:  “These are all excellent self defense loads that offer maximum performance with minimal liability.”  Check it out over at Ballistics101.com (http://ballistics101.com/lehigh_defense_maximum_expansion_hollowpoints.php).