“REVIEW: Lehigh Defense, LLC” at USInfantry.com Posted on 31 Dec 15:23

USInfantry.com performed an evaluation of our .45 ACP Maximum Expansion and .223 Controlled Chaos Ammo.  Their tests were thorough and objective, focusing on the “controllability” of our .223 Ammo as they recognized that our 3,600 feet/second velocity is considerably faster than competitor offerings.  Ultimately, they concluded that, though much faster, these bullets still offered normal recoil and thus there was “no sacrifice to controllability”.  

We really appreciated their recognition of “the construction and science” of our products, stating that “Lehigh puts a lot of thought behind the construction, wound characteristics, the machining and science behind their projectiles”.  As anyone who knows anything about our approach would attest, the construction and science are 100% of our focus here at Lehigh.

Special thanks to USInfantry.com for their review.  You can read more here:  http://us-infantry.com/review-lehigh-defense-llc/.