“Lehigh Defense: Maximum Expansion Ammunition“ at Western Shooting Journal Posted on 31 Dec 15:23

Western Shooting Journal wrote a flattering review of our maximum expansion ammunition in April.  The article acknowledged our relentless dedication to push the boundaries of ammunition and bullets in an industry that hasn’t changed much in the last few hundred years.  They recognized the evolution of our products from our Maximum Expansion to our Controlled Fracturing to our Multiple Projectile lines.  They ended the article by saying “Based on their track record, we believe that the Evolutionary Process will continue within Lehigh Defense”.  We’d like to back that up with a promise!

Be sure to visit the Western Shooting Journal website for some helpful and informative articles on everything related to our industry.  You can read their Lehigh article at:  http://westernshootingjournal.com/productreviews/lehigh-defense-maximum-expansion-ammunition.