“.45 ACP LeHigh Defense 174-grain Max-Expanding” at Shooting Illustrated Posted on 31 Dec 15:18

Shooting Illustrated wrote a nice article the other day about Lehigh Defense’s .45 ACP Maximum Expansion product. In it, they noted that we had achieved our goal of creating an effective, low-recoil defensive ammo that worked in compact handguns. In fact, they went on to say that “high velocity is not the only thing that makes these loads effective”.

Fired from a 5” 1911, the Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion tested well, creating a wound cavity that was “impressive”. To read this article and all of the great pieces over at Shooting Illustrated, go tohttp://www.shootingillustrated.com/index.php/14788/45-acp-lehigh-defense-174-grain-max-expanding/.