“Lehigh Defense .45 ACP Maximum Expansion Ammo - Control with Less Recoil” at Ravelin Group Posted on 31 Dec 15:17

Ravelin Group wrote a nice review of our .45 ACP Maximum Expansion a while back.  In the article, they noted that our Maximum Expansion ammunition is manufactured from a solid copper alloy rod, not swaged like most jacketed bullets.  We take pride in this distinction, as our process, while more work intensive, produces a superior end result, namely our ME products.

Steve found that our ME bullets offer “good penetration in a standard, non +P load” that “delivered greater control with less felt recoil”.  He also noted that “functioning was 100% on the feeding, firing, extraction and ejection” and that the overall results were “impressive”.

If you’d like to check out this great review, head over to Ravelin Group’s blog at http://ravelingroup.com/wordpress1/tag/lehigh-defensive-maximum-expansion-ammunition/.  Thanks to Steve at Ravelin Group for a great article!