“Lehigh Defense 9MM 105 Grain Maximum Expansion Test” at Pocket Guns and Gear Blog Posted on 31 Dec 15:13

Bruce over at Pocket Guns and Gear runs an informative, well-run blog that we’ve long respected here at Lehigh, so we’re always honored when he does a test on our products. He recently ran some tests on our 9mm 105 grain maximum expansion that did a great job of confirming our product specifications.

Using a Glock 27 with a 9mm conversion barrel and a Diamondback DB9, his tests led him to the conclusion that “the recovered bullets had fully expanded to more than double their initial diameter and penetration was pretty good for a lighter weight 105 grain bullet”. Overall, he said the “test results matched up really well with the ammo specifications on the Lehigh Defense web site/web store” and recommended that “For those looking for super premium expansion performance and good penetration performance, from a standard pressure 9mm load, this ammo is worth a look”.

You can find his blog at http://mousegunaddict.blogspot.com/. Thanks again Bruce for your unbiased and thorough testing, and your dedication to the industry.