“A Seriously Wicked 223 Load” at Empty Cases Blog Posted on 31 Dec 15:11

Richard at Empty Cases Blog recently wrote a nice post about our new Controlled Chaos bullets. The most impressive compliment paid to our revolutionary .223 load is that it “defies logic”. He recognizes that, until the Controlled Chaos rounds, if you wanted penetration, you had to sacrifice tissue damage and conversely, if you wanted tissue damage, you had to sacrifice penetration.

In addition to the .223, Richard also references our .300 Blackout/Whisper bullet, which he used to successfully bring down a badger, one who “didn’t take another step” after the shot even though they can be “somewhat stubborn when you try to kill them”.

Empty Cases is a great blog full of informative and unbiased reviews. You can read the entire article at:http://ramworks.net/blog/a-seriously-wicked-223-load/.