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45 Colt 300gr Multiple Projectile Lead-Free Subsonic Hunting and Defense Handgun Ammo

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Bullet Technology
The technology used when designing the projectile. For additional information on our technologies, please see our Technology Page.
Multiple Projectile
Cost Per Round $3.21
Cartridge 45 Colt
Bullet Caliber 0.452
Best Used For
The Primary or Secondary intended use for the projectile: Hunting, Defense, Target/Competition, Military, Law Enforcement.
Defense, Hunting
Gun Type Handgun
Bullet Weight (gr)
The weight of the projectile in grains.
Loaded Ammo Velocity (fps) 700
Velocity Rating Subsonic
Muzzle Energy (ft/lbs) 326
Penetration (Inches) Max - 12 : Min - 6
Bullet Material
The primary material used to produce the projectile.
Notes Pattern 15 ft: 5.5 x 5 in / 25 ft: 5 x 6 in / 35 ft: 5 x 15 in
Cartridge Overall Length (inches)
Length of loaded ammo cartridge from bottom of the case to the end of the bullet
Sectional Density 0.21
Lead Free Bullet Yes
Safety Notes WARNING: Never fire Multiple Projectile (MP) ammunition across a chronograph
Lead Free Ammo No
Bullets Manfacturing Process
The manufacturing process used to produce the projectile.
Manufactured By Lehigh Defense, LLC
Multiple Projectile Technology focuses on our belief that multiple wound trails are better than one (the FBI testifies to this in their Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness Training Manual. It offers users the benefit of multiple projectiles from a single cartridge through the careful machining of solid copper or brass bullets designed for controlled dispersion. The incorporation of nesting cones allows us to create large frontal diameters, improving terminal performance while increasing the number of projectiles a cartridge can hold. This offers significant improvements over other design concepts using soft lead balls and washers. Multiple Projectile ammunition provide a significant advantage in high stress shooting situations where control is limited or shooter experience may be in question. The fact that a single shot spreads out as it approaches its target statistically improves your chances of effectively eliminating the threat in your environment.
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