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375 Cheytac® 342gr Armor Piercing Lead-Free Hunting Rifle Ammo


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Bullet Technology
The technology used when designing the projectile. For additional information on our technologies, please see our Technology Page.
Armor Piercing
Cost Per Round $0.00
Cartridge 375 Cheytac®
Bullet Caliber 0.375
Best Used For
The Primary or Secondary intended use for the projectile: Hunting, Defense, Target/Competition, Military, Law Enforcement.
Gun Type Rifle
Bullet Weight (gr)
The weight of the projectile in grains.
Loaded Ammo Velocity (fps) 3,160
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Muzzle Energy (ft/lbs) 7,583
Bullet Material
The primary material used to produce the projectile.
Cartridge Overall Length (inches)
Length of loaded ammo cartridge from bottom of the case to the end of the bullet
Sectional Density 0.347
Lead Free Bullet Yes
Lead Free Ammo No
Bullets Manfacturing Process
The manufacturing process used to produce the projectile.
Manufactured By Lehigh Defense, LLC
Lehigh Defense® continues to innovate with this new product line, methodically designed to meet the extreme demands of the law enforcement and military markets. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, our bullets are produced individually, on precision CNC machines for unmatched accuracy and explosive terminal performance. All of our Armor Piercing bullets have been designed for sub-MOA accuracy. We have several options in the Armor Piercing product line, each designed for a specific application and purpose. Our Tool Steel (AP-TS) bullet penetrates light armor and mild steel targets, while our Tungsten Carbide (AP-WU) will comfortable penetrate hardened AR500 targets. Our Reactive (AP-RE) product is built with our Tungsten Carbide core, but complemented with with a proprietary & patented chemistry of nano-metals to provide deep penetration combined with a controlled explosion.
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