.338 AP-RE 230gr Bullet

SKU 18338230SP
Caliber / Cartridge 0.338
Technology Armor Piercing
Weight (gr) 230
Bullet Length (in) 1.635
Number of Projectile 1
Velocity 1,500 - 4,200
Subsonic No
Supersonic Yes
Twist Rate 1:12
Lead Free Yes
Notes Core: Tungsten Carbide 1400HV / with Nano-Metal Reactive Charge / Tip: Aluminum / Jacket: Brass

Armor Piercing Technology

Lehigh Defense® continues to innovate with this new product line, methodically designed to meet the extreme demands of the law enforcement and military markets. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, our bullets are produced individually, on precision CNC machines for unmatched accuracy and explosive terminal performance. All of our Armor Piercing bullets have been designed for sub-MOA accuracy.

We have several options in the Armor Piercing product line, each designed for a specific application and purpose. Our Tool Steel (AP-TS) bullet penetrates light armor and mild steel targets, while our Tungsten Carbide (AP-WU) will comfortable penetrate hardened AR500 targets. Our Reactive (AP-RE) product is built with our Tungsten Carbide core, but complemented with with a proprietary & patented chemistry of nano-metals to provide deep penetration combined with a controlled explosion.

Perhaps as innovative as the technology itself, is our approach in bringing it to market. We have expertly-matched the design and performance characteristics of these bullets so that you can expect a POI shift of >2 MOA across calibers. So, whether you are on the range practicing with our Match Solid or Flash Tip products, or engaged in an open theatre, you can expect consistent and repeatable results. One range card, one dope, one result; On-Target.

*Our passion is to innovate. Lehigh Defense® has the unique capability of rapid-prototyping, dynamic design, and JIT manufacturing process to be able go from concept-to-projectile in as little as three days. Contact us to learn more.