32 Auto 50gr Xtreme Cavitator Ammunition

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SKU 12310050S
Caliber / Cartridge 32 Auto
Technology Xtreme Cavitator
Weight (gr) 50
Cartridge Overall Length(in) 0.945
Number of Projectile 1
Velocity 925
Subsonic Yes
Supersonic No
Penetration Base(in) 13.5
Wound Cavity(in) 1.5
Lead Free Yes
Patent US 2017/0199019 A1

Xtreme Cavitator

 There are many excellent older cartridges with performance constrained by the metallurgy available for the firearms at the time they were designed. Some are so good, as in the 45-70 Government, they have been updated for modern pressures and re-released as modern cartridges, others, like the 32 ACP will probably remain with low operating pressures, due to the number of guns in existence.

  • CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged
  • Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process

  • Barrier-blind projectile

  • Deep penetrating with large wound cavity

  • Expansion is initiated by hydraulic energy – expansion only where it is required