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Our Partners

Clicking any of the following links below will redirect you to a website of our Partners that has ammo SIMILAR to what we sell. 

The ammo our Partners' sell is loaded with a bullet that is designed and manufactured by Lehigh Defense. Our Partners' Ammo may have different performance attributes than ammo produced by from Lehigh Defense. Check each vendor's website for specifications for their ammo relating to velocity, expansion, penetration, etc.

Lehigh Defense does not own or manage any part of our Partners' website. Lehigh Defense is not responsible for the performance of any products, or accountable for any buyer/seller transactions, for purchased made on sites other than www.lehighdefense.com.  

The Partner link(s) below are provided here ONLY for the purpose of giving our customers additional purchasing options for ammo using Lehigh Defense bullets. If you have questions about ammo sold by our Partners, please contact the Partner directly.