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1911 Components

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Here at Lehigh Defense, we have a passion for what we do.  That's why we work so hard to develop and manufacture innovative firearm components and breakthrough ammunition.  Every one of our processes, from the computer aided design to the Conventional/Swiss CNC precision machining to the extensive range and real-life testing are intended to create the industry's most results-focused personal defense products.  

What do we mean by results-focused? Let's start with our Premium Ammunition and Bullets.

Lehigh Premium Ammunition/Bullets

We’ve spent years perfecting the unique energy transfer and petal deployment of our Maximum Expansion line of ammunition. This allows personal defense gun owners the peace of mind that they will be able to effectively eliminate any immediate threat without risking the safety of bystanders.

Our Match Solid Bullets use the most precise tolerances possible to produce world-record setting performance. This ensures our ammo will deliver the reliable results that competition shooters expect at the range.

We are obsessed with producing the most innovative Controlled Fracture projectiles in the industry. What started as an investigation of how to improve the terminal performance of hunting ammunition (read about the evolution of Lehigh Ammunition) has led to a first-of-its kind product that provides total assurance that every shot delivers the maximum impact and terminal performance.  This allows hunters to be more effective in the woods, and personal defense and military users to be more effective in life threatening situations.

Our projectiles and bullets are uniquely designed and tested for a wide variety of specific applications. Whether delivering bystander safety through our personal defense ammunition, performance firing through our range ammunition, or segmented expansion through our hunting ammunition, our ammunition is guaranteed to deliver what you need.

Lehigh Premium Firearm Components

Our dedication to expanding the scope and utility of firearms is constantly driving us to seek technological advancements in an industry that has all but abandoned research and development. Because we use what we sell and love what we do, we work harder to create components that solve real-world problems that affect us all.

Lehigh Defense manufactures firearm components that offer next-generation function without sacrificing form. From bolts and extractors for AR’s to magazine catches and locks for 1911’s, our wide range of offerings are machined to the most stringent standards, ensuring quality and performance in all firing situations.

When you use one of our quality firearm components or application-specific premium ammunition and bullets, you'll experience what we mean by results-focused.  It's a promise from one dedicated group of gun owners to another that their most trusted hardware will perform as designed, and beyond expectation.

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